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The First Ladies Lady
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Leadership Secrets of America's First Ladies
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NEW Volume II
Loves, Lies, and Tears,
Vol. II
Ellen Wilson - Jacqueline Kennedy
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Loves, Lies, and Tears,
Vol. I
Martha Washington - Helen Taft
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Leadership Secrets of America's First Ladies
Jacqueline is an amazing speaker, author and business leader. If you're ready to become a better leader and achieve more success and happiness, then read and absorb the strategies in this brilliant book by my friend Jacqueline Berger!
James Malinchak
Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, Secret Millionaire
Author of the Top-Selling Book, Millionaire Success Secrets Founder www.MillionaireFreeBook.com
This wonderful, inspiring book shows individuals how to realize their full potential for greater influence and leadership in life.
Brian Tracy
Author of How the Best Leaders Lead
President, Brian Tracy International
Leadership Secrets of America's First Ladies is a well-wrought, well-researched and well-considered work of great originality and clearly much effort. Jacqueline Berger has taken biographical facts of First Ladies and animated them with a timeless relevancy. She has woven a tapestry with new colors, threading through it the most important lessons to be learned from their external struggles and internal conflicts, not only giving us these familiar historical figures with an illuminated humanity but examples of leadership that every person, of every age, gender and background can draw upon. Leadership Secrets of America's First Ladies draws out the subtext of these individuals, showing them to be as human as us all.
Carl Sferrazza Anthony, National First Ladies' Library Historian
Lesson learned. Ms. Berger has shown how anyone can turn anything into an opportunity and turn that opportunity into unprecedented success.
Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on Shark Tank & Inventor of the Infomercial
Jacqueline Berger is the true First Ladies lady. Her passion for the subject matter and respect for these ladies shines through at the turn of every page. I have sat and talked with Jacqueline for hours, and I have read all of her books. I hang on every word she speaks and every sentence she writes. When we part ways, I am always looking forward to the next conversation or book.
Andrew Och
Award Winning TV producer who documented the lives of every
First Lady of the United States.
The C-SPAN series, First Ladies: Influence and Image
The First Ladies Man | www.firstladiesman.com

Jacqueline Berger has done a great job of capturing the true grit of America's First Ladies and showing us how they have modeled being of service as the mark of a true leader. I felt stirred by a renewed motivation, remembering that each of us, regardless of our platform, can make a difference.
Sudip Bose, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
Featured physician on hit worldwide reality TV show "Untold Stories of the ER", Iraq war veteran, recognized as a "CNN Hero" for receiving the Bronze Star and servicing as the U.S. physician who treated Saddam Hussein after his capture, Recognized as one of the "Leading Physicians of the World" by the IAHCP (International Association of Healthcare Professionals), and Founder of www.TheBattleContinues.org, a nonprofit charity.
Loves, Lies, and Tears: The Lives of America's First Ladies,
Vol. I: Martha Washington to Helen Taft 1789 - 1913

After watching the PBS series I had to have this book so I would not forget all the details. Enjoyed the book very much. I am amazed by what I learned both from the series and the book. Great historical details of the many hardships of life we now take for granted. Lots of personal details of our First Ladies. I was surprised by how difficult life was in the White House. Not the luxury life as it is now.
I do not like reading history type books. This is a great read to learn about some of our history and our 1st Lady's for the person who is not a history buff. Also, for that reason I think it makes a great gift.
K Sciacia
Loves,lies,and Tears" is a book that brings the women who shared the the life of the president to LIFE. Ms Berger,s presentations makes them real people who made significant contributions to the shaping of our nation.
I have read many books on first ladies. This is the first comprehensive book where you could actually get a feel for what each woman was about. I am eagerly awaiting the second half.
D Mills
Loves, Lies, and Tears: The Lives of America's First Ladies,
Vol II: Ellen Wilson to Jacqueline Kennedy 1913 - 1963.

I eagerly looked forward to VOL II of LOVE, LIES, AND TEARS and it did not disappoint. The first ladies have a fascinating front-row seat to history. It's

interesting to see how their lives and work in the white house are shaped by sometimes extraordinary life experiences. I hope ms. Berger finds the time to write about the first ladies in the last quarter of the 20th century.
Brings all First Ladies to life as individuals and presents their struggles and accomplishments in the position relative to the times in which they served,
P Young
Volume two is as extremely well researched as volume one and it shows in the wonderful vignettes of each of our first ladies from Ellen Wilson to Jacqueline Kennedy! I simply cannot wait for the last book, volume three to come out.
Barbara Kintis
A very special insight into the lives of our First Ladies. The title, Loves, Lies, and Tears is the reality of their lives.
Lou Ann Mueller
If you are interested in history and particularly the presidents and first ladies, this is the book to read. It is an easy read yet amazingly comprehensive. Every time I think I know all there is to know about the presidents and the first ladies, I learn new facts in the next book that I read. This book was no exception. And I gained new insight into the lives of some of the first ladies which history has forgotten, such as Eliza McCardle Johnson, Louisa Adams, Margaret Taylor, and Lou Hoover, just to name a few. My only regret is that there is no Volume 3 from Lady Bird to Michelle. Hopefully, Ms. Berger will find time in her busy schedule to grace us with that volume. In fact, I implore her to do so. She is a very talented writer and obviously loves her subjects. I highly recommend these books.
L E South